Pastor Howie Hutchinson NEW EP ”WISE UP” #HOT #EP

Written by on May 18, 2016

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1969, from an early age it was apparent that Howie Hutchinson was create by God to sing. As a young boy, he would sing anywhere at anytime — even in bars, where he would put 10 cents into the jukebox and sing over the B-sides (instrumental versions) of popular Jamaican songs.

In the 70’s, Small Axe was a major sound system in Kingston and Little Howie would belt out his songs in the dance halls along with top artists such as Nitty Gritty, Sanchez D, Tenor Saw, Flouragan and Red Dragon. He eventually released his first recording, “Original Love Me,” and it was a great success. He continued to sing his material in the dance halls until he got a big break in 1986 and had a chance to go to England with his hit song. With high hopes Howie left Jamaica and headed for the UK, seeking to further his singing career. He performed in various places in the UK and was involved in making Dub Plates for sound systems for big sound clashes but stardom was ever evasive.

Howie stayed in England and continued singing for a decade but never got his big break. God had another plan for his life. Howie started to visit a church in London and at one service the Lord touched him in a miraculous way, he changed Howie’s thinking and reshaped the desires of his heart. In 1996 Howie became a born again Christian and after a couple of years, God released him to sing Gospel in a reggae style.

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Howie’s debut gospel album “Journey Man” has finally come to fruition. His ministry for Christ has just began and Hutchinson believes that God will use him to bless the nations of the world with many more gospel reggae songs.

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